A: hye, sy odie..sape nama? owh kwn ZZZZ yer..owh ok
B: sy B, a'ah teman ZZZ dtg cni nak cr barang.

A: aku kan...bla3 (stelah 5minit)..jom g makan..
ZZZ: cantek jomla..katner?
A: mn2 ok..eh ajak la kwn ko skali..errrr sape nm dier td lupa.. :P


me myself always suffer due to my major problem that sumtimes and every times happen and i can't control it. the biggest(i think so)...short term memory loss. this is major problem in my life but still minor for this disease. and the special part, the short term memory loss only happen when i try to remember people's name. aiyorkkkk. from what i have read before, those who cannot remember people's name can categoriez them as not respect other person in their life also selfish. so bad attitude. please do not try this and practice in your life or you will loose your friend.

so to make me do not like selfish and not respect others i just called them as "awak" or else try to pronounce their name in my heart, many times, or  i will relate somebody character with their name. for example if his hair like ally cat, then his name also name ali..so easy to remember (can't think other hard example..sorry)

btw i will try to avoid calling people with wrong name, because everytime it happend people surround me  will laugh and make situation become worse because they think i am joking. but the truth is not. sorry for those that get new name from me.

i think that all from me. hope still have tomorro for me.

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