woRkinG LiFe is S***

It is not happy to be here, but i need to continue my journey as i start everything since i choose to move out from Lion Company. Today for more than thousand times i shouted to world i hate train. I hate the situation where i need to push and be push by others. Even i know that the only one transportation in Malaysia that i can use. Say no to buses. Sorry guys. I hate buses because the foreigners. It is scary or the right words are no security and guarantee to be with them even 5 minutes. I am not paranoid. The true is they are dangerous, ya i agreed not all of them but i can say majority. Sorry again but that is the reality. Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

 Everyday i come to work place i try harder day by day to accept the fact that i do not have other choice except to stay here. That mean i need to work with puff. Serve them. Ha???I am thankful because i got a job. At least. I have employer hire me as their employee. If compare myself with other friend that still searching job till today. Try to put me on their shoes.
 I hope i am not regret in what i did for the past and still work on it for my future. i have nobody to help me now. I must strong than before. It is hard for me to accept the truth. Whatever it is life still goes on.

woRkinG LiFe is S*** woRkinG LiFe is S*** Reviewed by dieya on May 13, 2010 Rating: 5

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