A day to remember

Starting my day called my beloved husband and crying on the phone for almost 20 minutes.
(mesti stress kan hari2 i nanges..hihiih love u)

Early of the morning heading to work place, i saw a guy, i mean really handsome and tough guy (suami i tetap no 1) wearing PINK WATCH. Oh my God!. What the heck is going on?
(nice for woman)

On my way to work place, i met the cutest guy in KL standing in front of me. Owh comel macam character in avatar.  
(still suka till now)

Before entering parking area again i saw MyVi in PINK COLOUR.

(masih lagi berfikir kenapa mereka memilih warna pink utk kereta)

I saw this new sign board at free zone for smokers. Nice to know what the hidden message for that.
(bagi ke xbagi nih????confuse)

tamatlah kejadian di hari tersebut...
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