Spending A Public Holiday In Singapore

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A friend of mine planning to spend a public holiday in Singapore - Hari Raya Puasa, to be exact. This year, it falls on Thursday 13th May. This is her plan thus far, but if under any circumstances that she can't make it, she needs to opt for other days. 

We can always rely on Google to have a full list of Public Holiday Singapore. Why is she going on a Singaporean's Public Holiday instead of our home country Malaysia? 

Spending a Public Holiday in Singapore

Well, because she has relatives there and she has not seen them in ages. So, she decided this will be a good time to spend reconnecting and spending quality time with them.

Her hotel of choice is Carlton Hotel on Bras Basah Road. The location of this hotel is the number one reason for her choosing. It is very strategic as it is only within walking distance between historical landmarks, museums, shopping areas and entertainment centres. 

Carlton Hotel is just next door to Raffles Hotel which when comparing the price, Carlton is friendlier to my pocket. It has a rather large pool, spa, gym, nice restaurants and a car park. She plans to make full use of these facilities and services during her stay. 

And because she wanted her spending money on the hotel is worth it. 

She will be driving from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore but once she's there, she will not be driving. She's going to use the complimentary parking at the hotel and give herself a well-deserved walking exercise around Singapore.

Or she will just get a Grab Taxi? And she planned to visit her relatives and bring them over to join her at Carlton. Her relatives live in Bedok, not too far from the city centre so this will be a staycation for them.

She has planned for some activities at Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck, Gardens by The Bay and a river cruise at Clarke Quay. Not forgetting some retail therapy sessions at Orchard Road and Mustafa Centre - because who can resist such a bargain! 

Besides, her family and friends (that includes me haha ) in Kuala Lumpur needs some souvenirs too, don't we? Looking at the activities they will have, Mustafa may just need to be shifted to late night shopping as it is open 24 hours.

She and her relatives will also be going to have the best Singaporean food - nasi lemak, kaya toast, Hainanese chicken rice, wonton noodles and so much more.

And then they will be spending the rest of the holiday eating and swimming at the hotel. She might also book for a spa session to ease off all the walking and shopping. Or she might just head next door to the National Library for some quiet time and finish up her research paper. 

She hopes after all the tiring activities, she can put more focus on doing her research. It's like they say, "Work hard, play hard". To fund her playtime in Singapore, she needs to work hard for it. And for the other trips that may come up after.

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Pic1 - Singapore. Photo from Pixabay, Pic 2 - Carlton Hotel. Photo from travelok.com, Pic 3 - Nasi lemak. Photo from Pixabay


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  1. setakat ni tak terfikir lg nak ke singapore👀 tapi selalu tgok orang pergi sana nampak best

  2. The last time I've visited Singapore was back in 2014! Definitely want to go there again.

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