Out with the Old, In with the New: Sustainable Spring shapewear Guide

Rodiah Amir

With every new season, especially transitioning from winter to spring, we always consider adding new pieces to our wardrobes. 

And while we might be excited to do so, it’s important to always remember the environmental impact that our fashion choices have. 

Out with the Old, In with the New: Sustainable Spring shapewear Guide

As spring is approaching, why don’t we make much more conscious decisions and make it a priority to be more sustainable and incorporate wholesale shapewear outerwear into our wardrobes and closets? 

If you are feeling a little bit lost on how to achieve it, we want to share a guide that will teach you to transition into more sustainable shapewear options without having to sacrifice either your comfort or style. 


Choosing Organic Or Natural Fabrics

When you decide to shop for sustainable shapewear options, it’s important to choose pieces that are made with organic and natural fabrics. 

These fabrics can be Tencel, bamboo, or organic cotton. They won’t only be gentle with your skin but also they are renewable and biodegradable. 

If you compare them with synthetic alternatives, they are definitively a more environmentally friendly choice. 

If you want to be 100% sure that the pieces you’re going to get are sustainable and organic, then make sure they have certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). 

This certification ensures that the garments meet strict social and environmental criteria. 

Investing In High-Quality Pieces

We recommend you invest in high-quality pieces of shapewear, like a built-in shaper dress, that are built to last. 

Don’t buy cheap fast-fashion options, that will wear out quite quickly. Now, always remember that cheap doesn’t always mean it has low quality and vice versa. 


Shapewear brands that offer sustainable options, prioritize craftsmanship and durability, so they can last much longer than other options. 

While you might pay a bit more initially, you’ll be ultimately saving some money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace them frequently. 

And you’ll be contributing less to creating more landfill waste. 

Choosing Transparent and Ethical Brands 

It’s highly recommended to take the time to research and support brands that actually prioritize transparency in their supply chain and ethical production. 

Make sure such brands provide information about their manufacturing processes, safe working conditions, fair wages, and sustainable material sourcing. 

When brands align with your values, you will end up feeling confident that your purchases are making positive impacts on the planet and the people. 

Functionality and Versatility

When you select sustainable shapewears or wholesale waist trainers, it's important to prioritize functionality and versatility. 

Choose pieces that can be worn on different occasions and can be seamlessly into many different outfits.



A great example can be a versatile bodysuit that will provide comfort and support under blouses, dresses, etc., and even as a main part of the outfit. 

Vintage or Second-Hand Options

If you really want to go sustainable all the way, you can embrace a circular fashion economy and explore vintage and second-hand stores to find other sustainable shapewear options. 

This way you’ll be able to find pieces that are unique but also have some history and character. You’ll also be extending the lifespan of these pre-loved pieces and reducing the demand for new production.

Thrifting is not only budget but also environmentally friendly and you’ll be able to experiment with different styles. 

This spring embrace a more sustainable approach to shapewear, by investing in quality pieces made out of natural and organic fabrics, supporting brands that are ethical and prioritize functionality and versatility. 

We all together can make a positive impact on the planet while we feel and look our best during this new season.